Wednesday, March 14, 2012


As an IMAGINiT Technologies technical expert I get to see how a lot of different firms use the software tools we sell and service. The industry seems to have reached a critical mass of firms us BIM with more major dominoes falling every day. Now owners are dictating a lot more than just the software tools used and firms are having to truly open up their process to downstream use.

This owner standard is what ultimately got me to the decision to begin this blog and start a Twitter account (My Twitter homepage). Why social media? Because for me this is undiscovered country and after participating in a recent Tweet Chat (#bimspectrum) I woke to the power of connecting for the greater good.

 This is a pretty big leap for me considering I have successfully shunned Facebook, much to the chagrin of my friends and family. I figured I spent enough time in front of a computer when I work, so why make up another reason to stare at a lit screen. So technically this is work but I sincerely hope that the information contained will aid the industry as a whole. At the very least you will get my honest opinion and lessons I have learned while I travelling and interacting with all types of firms . Here is what to expect in the posts to come:
  • Updates on software tools in and out of the Autodesk realm
  • Trends in the industry around standards and collaboration
  • Information on new content being released through the IMAGINiT portal (registration is free)
  • News on upcoming marketing events like BIM Spectrum (, and other virtual and in person events
  • And some other things as I can come up with them...

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